10 Types of Businesses That Can Build Influence with Photos

Many different kinds of businesses can benefit from using photos intelligently. Great photos can help you create a more professional brand, as well as demonstrate your work to potential clients.

These are ten different types of businesses can benefit from using photos; along with a few examples of how they’re using photos in their businesses.

Business #1: Photographers

A photographer’s job revolves around finding magical moments in life and capturing them on film for all to see.

Because a photographer’s job is so graphic-centric, having great ways to showcase their work is extremely important. Generally, you’ll want to put your best work towards the top of the page so people have a strong impression right off the bat.


Flickr Photographer

Flickr Photographer

Credit: Martin Gommel, http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwerfeldein/


Business #2: Artists

Artists often use the internet to both find work and to showcase their work. Many websites, such as DeviantArt, are portals for artists to get their work out there.

These communities of artists make it easy for people who’re looking to hire to find talented people. It also gives artists a great avenue to interact with one another.


Deviant Art Artists

Deviant Art Artists

Credit: Gale Franey – http://galefra.deviantart.com/


Business #3: Consultants and Coaches

Consultants and coaches can use photos to showcase themselves working with clients, to showcase changes they’ve made to companies or to showcase work they’ve done.

For example, Intersection Consulting uses Flickr to showcase a variety of ads, infographics and other marketing materials they’ve designed for their clients.


Consultants and Coaches

Consultants and Coaches

Credit: Intersection Consulting http://www.flickr.com/photos/intersectionconsulting/


Business #4: Non-Profit Organizations

Out to help the world? One of the biggest challenges non-profits face is conveying the real impact of their work. Photos can help drive that point home.

An image of an impoverished African village can often do more for conveying the need for help than words ever could. An image of happy volunteers could do more for conveying the joy of the experience than words ever could.


Volunteer Africa Pinterest

Volunteer Africa Pinterest

Credit: International Volunteer HQ http://pinterest.com/ivhq/volunteer-in-south-africa/


Business #5: Realtors & Real Estate Agents

The internet is a powerful tool in a real estate agent’s toolbox. Increasingly, home buyers are using tools like the MLS, Zillow and Craigslist to find homes.

Instead of having the opportunity to showcase homes in open houses, real estate agents often need to showcase homes online instead.

Taking great photos of a home and showing them on the internet is a great way to “hook” people and get them interested enough to give you a call.




Credit: Amy Gilmore, http://twitpic.com/694jko


Business #6: Models & Actors

Models and actors need to actively seek to cultivate their image, both online and offline. Casting agents will often look online for prospective models and actors. What’s great about online photos is that you can demonstrate both your looks and your ability to look photogenic.

The key to success with showcasing yourself online is to take hundreds of photos and only put up the best ones.

Example from Model Mayhem, the largest website for models to showcase their photos.




Credit: Sarah Montgomery, http://www.modelmayhem.com/2626043


Business #7: Wedding Planners

A wedding planner’s job is to help the bride and the groom create the perfect once in a lifetime experience.

Part of that job entails helping the bride and groom make decisions on how they want their wedding to turn out. What kind of flowers do they want? What kind of cake? While these decisions can be made with words; often the best way to do it is through sharing photos.


Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Source: http://pinterest.com/sbhorn/bridal-shower-ideas/


Business #8: Finance, Statistics & Economics

If you work in the finance, statistical or economics industries, you can also leverage the visual power of photos to build your influence.

Numbers can be very difficult for people to grasp. It’s much easier for people to grasp “dollar pills stacked to the height of the empire state building” than “a billion dollars.”

Likewise, many of the world’s best known economists are people who were able to explain complex concepts in easy to understand terms or were able to depict those concepts in pictures.

Stephen Dubner, author of the bestselling books “Freakonomics” was able to make a dry topic like economics appeal to the masses by making the subject interesting. If you work in a finance related field, you can also leverage the power of using visuals to increase people’s engagement.

This applies to mortgage brokers, money managers, accountants, economists, casino managers and any other career that relies heavily on numbers and statistics.




Source: http://pinterest.com/offthesidelines/statistics-infographics/


Business #9: Conference & Event Organizers

Conference and event organizers can use photo sharing to help attract guests and bring in top notch speakers.

Upload as many high quality photos of previous events as possible. Upload photos that have full crowds and pictures of smiling guests.

Put up photos of high profile speakers. Put up photos where speakers look great – The lighting should be good, the PowerPoint slides crisp and the setup professional.

All this adds up to creating the impression of an event that speakers would want to be at, as well as an event that people want to attend.


Twilio Conference

Twilio Conference

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twilio/with/6169929527/


Business #10: Restaurants & Retail

Photos can also make a big difference for restaurants, conventional retail stores and other small consumer businesses.

These kinds of businesses can use online photo sharing to showcase their menu or their product selection.

You can also use it to highlight unique items. You can use the power of social media and the interactivity of the internet to help bring more people to your establishment.

If you just uploaded these photos to your own website, it’s likely that only people who’re already customers will see it. If you upload it to a photo sharing site however, you can get a lot of new people to see what you have to offer in a visual format.


Underwater Restaurant

Underwater Restaurant

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